Communication Design (Honours)

The Communication Design Honours program has been a cornerstone of Swinburne Design for decades. It has produced some of Australia’s leading and most influential Graphic Designers and charted a course across the world in establishing, and leading design. None of this has been possible without recognition of the passion, commitment nd the continuing contributions of the preceding generation of Swinburne design alumni—to foster, inspire, and to educate the next generation. In 2020 these intrinsic values of commitment and generosity were never more evident.

Studying CD Honours at Swinburne has been a great experience, full of a good mix of challenging and enjoyable subjects that have rapidly progressed my technical and personal skills. The broad range of live industry-based projects and placements that I have been involved in have been instrumental in guiding the direction I want to take post-uni.

Felix Barnett  Bachelor of Communication Design (Honours) 

Communication Design (Honours) Students