Bachelor of Design (Architecture)

Architects are recombinant sorts: they organise otherwise disparate demands, materials, criteria and systems into cohesive wholes. They envision how dissociative fragments might aggregate into meaningful acts. While it has detrimental side effects — from resource consumption to habitat loss — that must be curtailed for the world to move forward, the act of architecture is innately positive. It is necessarily forward-thinking, imagining a world that offers healthier ways of living and greater ecological balance, and seeks to find the beauty in mutual coexistence.

When I entered the course, I didn’t know anyone else in any of my classes, and over the three years we have built our own little Architecture community where we help each other and learn from a each other and I have really enjoyed that aspect, it’s much how I would imagine it to be like on the field.

Mitchell Brouwer Bachelor of Design (Architecture)  

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